What is the difference between a manager and a leader?

I like the differentiation I found at some webpages:

Managers focus on things <=> Leaders focus on people
Managers do things right <=> Leaders do the right things
Managers plan <=> Leaders inspire
Managers organize <=> Leaders influence
Managers direct <=> Leaders motivate
Managers control <=> Leaders build
Managers follows rules <=> Leaders shape entities

Managers have employees. <=> Leaders win followers.
Managers react to change. <=> Leaders create change.
Managers have good ideas. <=> Leaders implement them.
Managers communicate. <=> Leaders persuade.
Managers direct groups. <=> Leaders create teams.
Managers try to be heroes. <=> Leaders make heroes of everyone around them.
Managers take credit. <=> Leaders take responsibility.
Managers are focused. <=> Leaders create shared focus.
Managers exercise power over people. <=> Leaders develop power with people.

How about you?

[1] http://scrumtrainingacademy.com/smc/managers-vs-leaders/

[2] http://www.marksanborn.com/blog/9-differences-between-managers-and-leaders/


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